TechCrunch: "Target to launch its own version of Amazon Prime, starting at $49/year"

I never shopped at Safeway here, but they have the best grocery delivery service for me, and no monthly or yearly fee.

That $49 headline is misleading. It’s really $99 per year. They are just giving a discount if you sign up during the first month.

If you aren’t doing the drive-up service with Target you should be. You place your order and within two hours you get notified your order is ready. You press a button on your app to let them know you are on your way. When you get there you type in the pick-up number spot you pulled into and they bring your order out right away. No fees, no subscription, no tips, etc. Just someone who shops for you.

Characterizing this as Target’s version of Amazon Prime is a real misnomer. This is essentially just delivery and shipping. Prime goes much further. It includes Amazon’s own video and music services, access to a selection of ebooks and emagazines, unlimited photo storage, etc.

I do not shop at woke corporations.

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