I'm trying to decide between two grocery home delivery services - Kroger or Wal-Mart

I have to care for my spouse over the next few weeks after she gets out of the hospital, and the doctor says I’m not to leave her alone, not even to run out to buy food. I’ll need to have groceries delivered. I’m thinking of Wal-Mart PLUS or Kroger BOOST? Any observations or opinions? Thank you.

We tried both during the Lockdown.

Here, Walmart was less expensive and did their own Delivery.

Kroger picked the items but used Instacart for delivery.
BTW, we found that the prices were better on the Kroger web site than the Instacarte web site even though Instacarte delivered either way.

Wife was very dissatisfied with the substitutions so we stopped.
I was more flexible on the substitutions although we did throw away a few items. I considered it an added cost of Delivery.

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First, do a big stockup ahead of time. Next, which of the two stores do you shop at more frequently, and/or like the products/brands carried more? If you tend to purchase certain items from one and others from the other, why not do the same thing with delivery.

You might also want to arrange for family and friends who live nearby to be on call to pick up items that you didn’t foresee needing or that you’ve run out of.

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We’re Kroger shoppers mostly so probably should stick with them

That might make a difference. I have not seen a Kroger in years, though they have put in delivery only around here. Cannot even figure out what they offer without creating an online account. Kroger was in Austin years ago and just could not hold a candle to H-E-B.

Another thought would be other off-the-wall stores that might get you stuff via instacart or whatever. I have seen Publix deliveries here, and there are regularly paid shoppers buzzing around in Aldi.

Kroger, like most grocery chains, masquerades under different names in different locations. Kroger in Arizona is Fry’s…a few years ago in north Texas used its own name. Not sure about anywhere else.

Here in NM, Kroger is Smith’s.

A list:

I really like the Walmart + delivery. Although lately produce like grapes and strawberries have been bad. So may get those at another store. They do give you a refund on spoiled items. I blame the produce department not necessarily the picker for not keeping the produce up to date.

Besides we don’t have a Kroger near here!

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