WalMart needs to up its game

Went to place an order for a Shower Chair.

Walmart and Amazon prices within pennies.
But Amazon would get it here 3 days earlier.

I have Prime but there are Several WalMarts within 5 to 10 miles away. One would think delivering from a nearby store would be faster.

If you’re talking it’s a whole different world. WalMart-stocked own inventory can be picked up at your local store, but many (most?) of the online products are third party sellers who ship direct at whatever cost, time, etc. Returns can be a real zoo. I always look for the ship-to-store option at checkout so I know what game I’m playing.

I have very little experience with Amazon (2 purchases) so can’t editorialize about them.

We get WallMart online orders within a day or two. It’s actually quicker than Amazon Prime service, and we have an Amazon depot within 15 miles.