Alternatives to amazon prime

alternatives to amazon prime

Are you trying to get 2 day shipping or trying to stick with Amazon? Are you liking the free shipping for the annual fee?

PRIME is pre-paying the shipping, it is not free.


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I cancelled prime years ago since they out priced me out of the market. I still buy from them just need to spend the $25 for so called free shipping. Sometimes I buy from e bay for the under $25 items because the seller might ship it for free. I have found out that Amazon usually ships your items out sooner than later when it is not a prime item…

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$139 prepaid !

My husband ditched his Amazon Prime membership in January. We just did our first order since then, and lo and behold, the shipping options for each bundle of items includes ‘FREE’ shipping. That ‘free’ shipping takes a bit longer, so we had to wait 5-7 days to get all the stuff instead of 2-5. Of course Amazon wanted him to renew his membership but he declined. Should have cancelled a long time ago.


The streaming on Amazon Prime sucks

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Not saying this makes a lot of sense, but if you apply all of your purchases on an Amazon Prime Rewards VISA card, the 5% card credit on every purchase would cover the entire membership fee after $2800 worth of purchases. Not for everyone, but something to consider for some. (Actually, that card also offers a 10% discount on selected items, quite often).

A cople of decades ago, we here in Hawaii were at a great disadvantage. Many companys do not know how they can ship here or have deals with shippers which price us out of the market.

(As an aside, 20 years ago I moved from Atlanta to the Big ISland. A utility company back there would not send my final bill to a Hawaii address because ‘we don’t mail overseas…’).

I could put a disk drive (maybe $40 in my cart and see that the company wanted to charge $40 shipping) and then have to try other vendors.

Woot was geat when I lived on the mainalnd, but they won’t ship here, even though they appear to be an Amazon company now.

So when Prime started shipping here, we were elated. We could finally buy things easier and actually get them delivered. Not long ago Amazon opened what I guess are receiving depots on at least two of our islands (Honolulu and Kona). I ordered something early one morning, it left L.A. within hours, got to Kona overnight and was in my P.O. Box in the afternoon; just over 24 hours later. WOW!

However, all is not as great as ir seems. Oftentimes because the shipping is free, Amazon or their partners ship items via International Bridge or some othe carrier. It ends up going by ship which adds perhaps a week to delivery. I just ordered a LAN cable on April 6th, it arrived at an Amazon facility in California on the 7th, then appeared in Honolulu on the 12th. International Bridge then transferrred it to USPS many days later and I am still waiting delivery as of the 22nd.

So even though Amazon was involved in the shipment, so was the USPS and another carrier. The problem is that the original delivery date was expected to be much less, so it is not that I could have anticipated a delay. In contrast, I ordered meat by mail (Northerners on the east coast will understand a need for Taylor Pork Roll instead of Spam). That was shipped from New Jersey in a cold pack by Fedex in 2 days and was still quite cold when it arrived at my farm. Yes, shipping was free (well, included so I still paid) but I knew it would get here fast.

I do use the streaming service quite a bit and have echos all over the place. I am not as thrilled with the cost of the Prime membership and may drop it at some point.