Joel Kotkin article from 2016-17: "What Happens When Walmart Dumps You"

For the record, Clark Howard has often praised Walmart. I’m currently a Walmart+ subscriber myself.

sadly, Dollar General will probably set up more shops. (I don’t find their prices to be very good).

I am starting to use instead of Amazon. Amazon delivery drivers are just plain dumb and put packages in plain view so they can be stolen. Wal-Mart deliveries are much better.

Um, does Clark Howard still think highly of Dollar General? I don’t think that the chain is mentioned in any particularly recent articles on the Clark Howard website.

Just the opposite here. Amazon follows my directions about 90% of the time. [since their delivery maps are so good, I usually meet them at the door]

UPS is accurate about 75% of the time.

And FedEx is the WORST…!!! Once left my new laptop on the front porch facing the street with the label is LARGE letters


[luckily neighbor spotted it before porch pirates]

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Amazon driver “hid” new computer behind small flower pot in front of my door facing a busy street.

Never saw any place to put directions for Amazon driver.

Agree about FedEx. They smashed up TWO well-packed bicycles in different shipments. First time they “lost” it to delay me finding out about the damage.

FedEx is great for businesses. Used them countless times. But…residential delivery is horrible.

FedEx often delivers to businesses like mine after closing hours, which creates a problem. The FedEx terminal is right down the street from me and many patients have admitted how careless the terminal is with packages.

Did anyone expect a fair article from the left leaning Daily Beast?
Unfortunately, I had to give them my email to read it.

Note they are still beating them up over he failed Walmart express, small store, bigger than a 7/11, kinda like Dollar General. but with better prices.

Here we have several Walmart Supercenters… all very nice.

This story reminds me of a family trip to Winona MS. I had forgotten an item and went to one of the Original WalMarts. It was well worn, no food section but they had what I needed.

I assume it had served the town well. Anyway, I saw where Walmart was closing that store. The closest SuperCenter was 20 miles away, The town got over 20 years of service from that store… but times change. Walmart had closed most of the original style Walmarts and it was their time.

Should Walmart never have come… probably depends on who you ask.

I have a credit card…Capital One Walmart Rewards® Card. When you order from for pick up or delivery, get 5% back.
Capital One

This would seem a very good deal, and it might almost defray any shipping cost, saving you the Amazon Prime annual fee.