Amazon delivery just getting worse and worse

I’ve had several Amazon orders get messed up lately. I got the following message on 2 of 4 of my last orders in the last month:

“Unfortunately, a problem occurred during shipping. If you have not received your package by…”

I don’t know what’s going on, but both were with tracking numbers starting with “TBA” which are Amazon delivery people. I think one order actually got destroyed, maybe run over or something. I ordered something on Saturday for something I needed on Sunday as what I needed was not available at other stores nearby. It just seems Amazon is getting less reliable. Anyone else have this issue?

I suspect the massive popularity of Amazon has prompted them to hire more drivers, and perhaps a lack of training contributes to the problem.

My Garmin GPS warns me as I approach my goal: “Number [house number] approaching on the left.” I must believe Amazon’s truck are as good and probably better than my system. Yet, I see the truck stopping 1/2-3/4 block away, and the driver walking the sidewalk visually checking addresses.

If or when your order doesn’t arrive chat with them to request your refund and ask for a $10 gift certificate for your inconvenience. Nothing to lose.

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Awesome idea. I just did that and got the gift certificate. Thanks!

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That’s exactly what I do. I ask for gift cards.

I started getting giant boxes of canned cat food. So far I have received 8 boxes, each with 80 cans, or 640 cans total. I never ordered any of it, and don’t own a cat. Unable to stop the Amazon deliveries, I canceled my Amazon account and the credit card attached to that account. Still the cat food came. I give up.

Yes it has become hard to order things since delivery is unreliable. They do not follow instructions of where to leave packages. And I heard that they will discontinue free returns. Is this true? My internet provider, now Amazon and it seems most other services have become indifferent to customer service. I will start demanding refunds with certificates. I ordered a TV during the Black Friday event. The screen was cracked. Since it was provided by a third party vendor Amazon at first would not give me a credit. I persisted for several weeks and they finally issued a credit since Best Buy would not. I no longer shop at Best Buy

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That’s been rumored for a while but still have not seen it happen. I think that would be a big problem for them should they do that. I’ll certainly buy less from them if that happens. Free returns is hard for the 3rd party sellers, though. My wife used to work for a small company that sold on Amazon and they had to follow their rules on returns which was not financially good for them.

Argh! Don’t get me started on Amazon! You are absolutely correct. I am very tired of getting used merchandise! One time they sent me a pair of socks with dog hair all over them. Yuk! I have started ordering from other vendors whenever possible. In my experience, though, Fedex has also gone straight downhill since they have contracted their overflow to outside delivery companies and refuse to do anything about repeated mis- deliveries [5 in a week for me since the same company kept sending me replacements and the same guy kept leaving them under some guys tree at roadside, judging by the pics.] Amazon hides their customer service number but you can find it if you are persistent. You can also talk to their bot, which will get a manager if it can’t solve the problem.

FedEx is great for businesses, but terrible for residential. I live downtown with very high foot traffic about ten feet from my front door. FX leaves pkgs on front porch [there seems to be no way to give them instructions] and many porch pirated here.

I bought a laptop and FedEx leaned it upright against my screen door, with the HUGE print facing the sidewalk:

Luckily a neighbor spotted it and fetched it for me.

Wow! I do notice, though, if I’m getting a prescription or a large item like a bed or , they have different and more responsible drivers. If possible, you can also request signature required [and hope the driver doesn’t just make a scribble and leave it anyway]. I live in the country, which adds to the hassle drivers feel when delivering out here, so leaving it on my step or even just inside my gate would be great. As it is, some refuse to drive the extra 100 feet down the private drive to get to my property and leave it up at the street out of sight of anyone instead.

If your driver feels hassled about delivering to rural areas, or can’t be bothered to to go the extra 100 feet to the door (I live rurally and have not experienced this) then your driver is in the wrong profession or needs to request a city route.