UPS not very good service

I recently purchased a ticket to a sporting event in another state. I used a 3rd part reseller ticket broker. I purchased the tickets on May 20 for an event on May 29 and paid extra for overnight delivery via UPS. By May 23, I still hadn’t received my package, so I went to the website of the ticket reseller and discovered my street address was incorrect. Not sure whose mistake it was, I probably should have verified it closer before clicking the button to purchase. I went to UPS’s website on 5/23 which said there was an issue with my address. There was a place on there to update the ship to address, so, I corrected it. A few hours later (still May 23) I went to the UPS website with my tracking number and there was a message that said We received a request to modify the delivery address. We are working a request to change the ship to address for this package. Once completed, you can see the new address in your package tracking details. I checked their website everyday for a week using my tracking number and I always got this message. The package finally showed up on June 1, 3 days after the event ended.

I tried to file a claim on UPS’s website but got a message that said go to claim support section and initiate a claim. Once the claim is initiated you’ll need to work with the sender to finalize the claim. Well, it wasn’t the shippers fault the package got delivered late, it was UPS’s fault because it took their software 7 days to handle an address change on their website. So, I’m out $380+

For me, UPS is usually good, but when they are bad, they are REALLY BAD

Claims are the worst. I bought a digital camera on line for a relative who was going to the Greek Isles. Not terrible expensive, about $250, but highly rated according to Con Repts. Shipped to relative and gave her the tracking #.

Days after it was supposed to arrive, an email said it was delivered.

It was not! Filed a claim for my $300 insurance, and some time later, got an email from UPS claiming the driver said it was delivered.

Case closed. Unlike Amazon, UPS apparently does not require driver’s to take a picture of the delivery. I had nothing but what relative said.

Case closed, UPS would not budge.

My Sister had a bad experience once with USPS. I had a bad experience once with USPS having sent out hundreds or packages. I once had a bad experience with UPS where a package was delayed a few extra days. I don’t often use FedEx.

It is possible to have problems with any carrier. In the case of a misdirected package and USPS, I called Amazon and they sent out a replacement. The other package showed up a few days later.

In your case with the tickets and UPS I would have called customer service after changing the online information.

Then again… is the 3rd party ticket seller a well-known one or an Ebay seller? I can imagine a scam where someone sells a ticket and purposely puts a wrong address on the shipment, hoping the ticket comes after the event. The seller slinks away with the money. The recipient eats the cost. The tickets are counterfeit and the buyer never finds out because they were never offered at the event and detected. 20 years later “Honey, did you ever notice the bands name was misspelled on this ticket stub, I’ll bet it is worth a fortune!” Not!.

It’s been a long time since I used UPS. Theu used to be less expensive…not for a long time.

Getting worse. Months back, I was going to be out all day so I diverted my inbound pkg to be held at the UPS store. It was simple. Got an email from UPS with tracking number and it was simple to check the box to drop at UPS.

However, UPS set that in stone because I cannot change it back!

Online for an hour and can’t find a way to change it. Grrrrrrrrrrrr