The terriible UPS delivery prediction messages

Is it just me or has the estimated delivery messages become completely worthless for everyone?

For a package last week, here was the sequence:

Message 1 on Monday: Estimated delivery Friday
Message 2 on Thursday: Your package will be delivered tomorrow!
Great! But the tracker shows the package still over 1500 miles away.
Message 3 on Friday morning: Delivery exception. No expected delivery date/time
Message 4 on Friday: Your package will be delivered tomorrow!
Great, but package still over 1500 miles away
Saturday comes and goes, no messages and no package
Message 5 on Monday: Your package is out for delivery, estimated before 12PM!
Message 6 on Monday: Expected delivery before 7 PM.
Package showed up at 6 ish

Then today for a different package.
Message 1 on Wednesday: Your package will arrive tomorrow!
Great, but tracker doesn’t know where it is
Message 2 on Thursday: Your package is out for delivery. Expected before 7 PM
Message 3 on Thursday: Expected delivery 1:45 - 3:45
Message 4 on Thursday about 2PM: Your package will arrive soon!
Great, drive home from the lake to go wait for it.
3:00 PM, check the tracker and the truck is not even close to my house, at least 20 miles away. Not optimistic.
Message 5 at about 4 PM: Estimated delivery 6:15 - 8:15 PM
Go back to the lake package-less

If you’re going to have a tool that predicts the time of delivery, you had better be close to right. It seems this is to work OK, now it’s just garbage. I hear there might be a strike at UPS soon. Go for it, UPS is obviously going down hill.

UPS has been that way for some time. Love or hate Amazon, UPS should get their delivery software. Not only accurate, but an online map that I can track the truck once in town. I step to the porch when the map says, “you’re next”.

very impressive