USPS: so very annoying

I’ve seen this alert for a week. Of course, there are no humans at USPS, and every call goes to useless robot. One call to another robot said the addressee [me] was not there.

Kaiser said they never ask for a signature or personal acceptance. If it was a Kaiser med they could send another.

But it’s Rx glasses and from a lab.

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I have never seen an alert like that from USPS. The addressee Unknown means that there is no information that the company entered I guess. The Post Office can only show you what they have.

Was thie alert actually sent from USPS and is the sender an actual U.S. based company. The indicator showing USPS10 looks sketchy to me.

I sometimes see incomplete info on an alert if the company has printed a label but the item has not yet been received by USPS. Also, not apparently your issue, but if I order something through Amazon which they will ship via Amazon Air, there is incomplete info until the item is actually handed off from Amazon to USPS.

I entered the tracking number and it says CALL US on the USPS website. 1-800-275-8777

If they don’t help you then you might stop in at the Post Office and ask the clerk to look up the info or ask for he Postmaster. Their tracking is more detailed than available on the website to consumers.

I will ask my Postal Clerk neighbor tonight when I see him at Pot Luck.

Me neither.

I live near downtown in a high porch pirate area, so I always track my packages, UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon so I can meet them at the door.

So I logged into my USPS tracking page that is the displayed alert. Note the alert said 10:05 am. I have lived in this house 45 years, and USPS has NEVER been here before 11. So I suspect, like you noted, something is wrong with the label.

I called Kaiser optics, but the glasses come from another lab. Kaiser said they have sent gazillions of R/x’s and glasses and never had this problem.

I have called 1-800-275-8777 several times and cannot get beyond the robot. The robot asks for the tracking number so I key it in, but the robot just repeats what the alert says.

As of today, the glasses have not been returned to the lab or Kaiser.

Kaiser said to call back Monday and they will help figure something out.

It just gets better.

I finally found a detailed “missing” package / help page. Well, not “page” but “pages” lots of them. They went on and on and finally ‘submit’.

Then this:

It is interestingt hey said to call Monday…

Most Kaiser Permanente medical offices (including primary care, lab, radiology and same day clinics) will be closed on Monday, Sept. 4 for Labor Day.

I guess there may be others working to help.

THANKS…! I did not know this and you saved me a difficult trip…!!!

I’ve used informed delivery for years and never seen anything like this. This looks too much like your typical fishing scam. Regardless, I wouldn’t use any contact info that alert is giving. I’d only contact Kaiser and/or USPS directly.

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Thanks. Those are my only contacts.
The alerts are not sent to me. I get them on the USPS site after logging into my acct.

At least it’s not lost.


Here you go:

Track your package
Data provided by USPS
Tracking number 9414836105440261943356
Tracking number created: August 23, 08:45PM: Stockton, CA
In transit: September 04, 03:30PM: Sacramento Ca Distribution Center

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Oh boy… Plain in simple - Looks like a scam.

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Looks like it went from Stockton to Sacramento then back to Stockton. I’ve had this happen before (rarely) and the package eventually arrives. But it does add a bunch of time.

Try googling USPS plus your zip code. This should bring up your local post office and their contact info, including the direct phone number. Call it. My local post office actually answers the phone (by a human) and has been very helpful in these situations by explaining what’s really going on with the tracking.

At least it’s still moving through the system…

I live in a rural area. My post office refuses to send someone 100 yards past my mailbox at the street to deliver anything [so why do businesses patronize them and anger their customers?]. The P.O. here goes through delivery people like water so it’s always someone different. When a lazy deliverer doesn’t want to even try to fit a package in my mailbox or fill out the pick-up slip correctly, they check “held at the p. o. per instructions given by customer.” Rubbish! I’ve also had a P.O.Box for 15 years. They won’t even go so far as to put it in a locker for me so I can access it after hours [which is between 4 and 6 p.m. weekdays and until 3 p.m. weekends in this small town and due to post office vandalism.] I’ve spoken to our postmaster and “per customer request” was not the case. Last year, the postmaster notified me they had a package for me that had been damaged. It turned out to be a package I’d ordered 9 mos. prior that had never arrived but showed up on the counter at the P.O. 9 months later. Nine months prior, the P.O. had notified the sender that it had been delivered successfully. I get deliveries all the time. It seems the P.O. is the only company that can’t find me and refuses to try! Everyone else delivers to my house and gives me tracking info, including time and day of delivery instead of leaving it in my unused mailbox for me to find a week later, providing it hasn’t been stolen.