Kroger Frustration

If Publix claims to be “Where shopping is a Pleasure”… Kroger is trying hard to be “Where shopping is a Pain in the Butt”.

My wife does most of the shopping. I am more the pick up something she asks for on my way home.

So after carrying this Kroger Card on my Keychain, seems like forever… not good enough.

So I see something not on my list. The shelf sticker gives a good price “with a Digital Coupon”. Seems as a LOYAL Kroger member, I should get this price… Not really.

I asked 2 employees how to get the digital coupon. Neither could help. Finally the guy at the Service Desk told the Cashier to override the price. Is this a form of Age Discrimination. I still do not know how to get Kroger Digital Coupons.

I do know that I prefer Walmart over Kroger.


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At Safeway you use their app to scan the barcode.

Been there done that, walked out not buying anything.

You have to go to your Kroger card account online and download your desired coupons to your account. They will then appear on the card when it is scanned. Kroger sends an email at least once a week touting the current digital coupons to download.

I think Kroger’s mistake is putting the Digital Coupon Price on the shelf. It is a different experience than cutting coupons from ads.

If I do not know about it, I am not unhappy.
Kroger is waving a red flag in front of a Bull!

BTW, since I am not the Primary shopper, I do not pay attention to what you described… but thank you for the info.

Let me ad, if it was an item I wanted, I would be less inclined to IMHO to overpay for it and pass.

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Yes, but if you have their app on your phone, you simply open it up, scan the item, and add the coupon to your account. They want you to use the app. If it means I pay less, and people who won’t use the app pay more to make up for it, I’m fine with that. It will drive some people away, just like the card did when they started that.

They aren’t the only ones to this, by the way. Walgreens also does, and I’m sure there are others. They’re trying to extract as much money as possible from the casual shoppers who don’t care.

OK but when 3 out of 3 Kroger Employees can’t help… Kroger has a Problem… Extremely poor implementation.

Just opened the Kroger App… do not see where I scan or am I supposed to use the QR code reader on the phone. Shouldn’t the Kroger app have the reader embedded?

Yes, poor customer service.

Click the part I circled, then scan the product barcode.

Alternatively, press the “Savings” icon at the bottom and scroll or search through the coupons.

I previpusly mentioned that for Safeway, you scan the barcode using the app. They also have printed coupons in their weekly ad, and if you mention it to the cashier, they will scan their copy of the print ad while ringing you up. So that is better. But as someone who shops there regularly, and is a “member,” it is annoying to have to go that extra step.