Costco self serve and customer service

I went to use the self service checkout at Costco, and while trying to ring up my purchases I was interrupted by employees three times asking to see my card or check my receipt. They provided no service just annoying interruptions. They check your card when you enter and your receipt when you depart so I find these pointless interruptions very annoying.

It was also time to renew my membership so I did that while checking out. My old card is starting to fall apart so I went to the customer service to have it replaced. They told me I needed to renew my membership before they could do that. I showed them my receipt and they shoved it back at me without looking at it. I was then told their computer system wouldn’t reflect my account as current for another 24 hours as though this was an acceptable explanation. I had tried previously to get a new card, but on that occasion they were unable to take my picture.

Everyone was very polite. They were also unnecessary, unhelpful or disempowered, or just incompetent. This is the last time I’ll update my membership. Costco’s prices, products and services don’t justify the expense.

Costco just started checking the back of the cards to compare the picture and make sure it is your card. Apparently, many people were loaning out their cards to family, friends etc. Just like Netflix and other streaming services, they are cracking down on sharing.

It’s clear that many people don’t object to being treated like criminals or cattle, but I will spend my money elsewhere.

The self checkout should have been closed if they’re not going to trust their customers, and the four unhelpful employees lingering there could have been
used to open up 2 more full service registers.

Sounds like you should apply for a management position and show them how it’s done.

They have every right to verify your membership when you’re shopping in their store. I assume the three times you’re referring to are 1) when you entered, 2) when you were checking out, and 3) the receipt at the end. I don’t have a problem with any of these as it helps to keep the prices down which benefits me. Costco has learned that they can’t trust everyone, so they stepped up their checking. If you don’t like it, then you are free leave. They won’t care if a few leave because of their attempts at loss prevention. I’ll also assume that you won’t shop at any other store that decides to check receipts on the way out.

I have a friend who works at Home Depot and he said theft is a huge problem for them. That is why you see many stores locking up easily pilfered high value merchandise and putting on tracking tags etc. Checking IDs and receipts is a minor inconvenience compared to having to find someone to unlock a cabinet or remove a tracker.

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