Are You Sick of Too Many Robocalls?

Here’s how to stop them for good! What methods have you tried to stop robocalls and how effective were they?

On iPhone, under settings, phone, you will find Silence unknown callers and Call Blocking & Identification. Turn those on. Helps a lot. Got to; I get about 2 dozen a day.

I also use a company called Jolly Roger Telco. They screen callers and sometimes entertain spam callers with a “pirate” bot. They record the interaction which is sometimes humorous when a live spammer rings you up and is a little slow to pick up on the fact that he is talking to a bot.

My landline robocalls are mostly gone. However, I get spam emails about things like Norton and Apple purchases with a phone number to call.

The Indian guy who answers the calls sounds like the same guy. I call his number from many of my numbers and within a few hours his number has been disconnected.

The guy and I trade a few profanities and things like “Norton does not have telephone numbers in Hawaii. Try again.”.

On my Voip service I have the ability to send telemarketers to Lenny or to a recording that says “This call requires a deposit of 25 cents. Please hang up, deposit 25 cents and place your call again”. Since they are not calling from a pay phone, the call ends :slight_smile:

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