Make Money On robo Calls

Amusing to hear those reporters comment how they get two or three robocalls a day. I get about ten, and on Monday’s, more like fifteen or twenty.

I get two or three a month.

landline or cell phone?

Landline. Never get them on my smartphone or old flip phone.

Since I am retired I keep privacy turned on and restrict incoming call to only people in my contacts.

I don’t get Robo calls.

I got rid of my landline in part b/c of robocalls, plus I rarely used it.

But I’ve read that cell phone robocalls are on the rise. So I’m very cautious about giving my number out. Or I’ll give my second/emergency phone # instead.

The calls are mildly annoying but I never answer them. I can turn the ringer off, but they only come from ~8am to 7pm, so I just ignore them. I could use my cell phone but prefer it remains “pure” so probably little chance of robocalls.