Using Ooma to stop unwanted calls from scam area codes

I know that Clark has used ooma in the past and we do too. Its a device for VoIP for about $150 one time. You just pay taxes on the calls ($3-4 a month). Their premium level for about $10 a month allows you to not only block specific numbers but those starting with a scammer area code or prefix (first three numbers of a phone number). I find it invaluable.

I’ve found that the most common scammer area code and prefix are the same as my own. Since I live somewhere else now, it’s fairly easily to identify those particular scammers (because they have the same area code as me, but are not in my address book).

Sometimes I get calls on my company phone using the company’s main phone line as the caller ID number. I answer them for fun and rip into the poor schmucks in India trying to sell me this or that.

Meanwhile keeping them from bothering some one else! :slight_smile: