Are You Tired of Spam Text Messages?

Tell us what you’ve done to minimize or stop them!

I get all kinds of spam texts! It is really annoying. I have tried sending STOP, or QUIT or UNSUBSCRIBE and usually whoever is sending these texts have some sort of block and the message Im trying to send to them says undeliverable, or something like that. And the texts continue. I have tried putting on apps that are supposed to stop these texts, but it does not work. The texts still somehow get through. I have notified my carrier who says they can’t do anything about it. ???

The most recent spam text messages being pushed to my cellphone are from an unknown email so when you view the text there is no number to block. I’m with AT&T and while they have a report feature you can’t report the text coming from an email address to them. Help.

The most spam I get is political, they use a different number every time. I respond with stop and sometimes it slows down for a while then pics right back up. I would support some people if I knew I wouldn’t get spammed daily.

Here is another example of our ‘law makers’ exempting themselves from the laws, the rest of us must follow…
When creating the Federal Do Not Call Registry, Congress exempted themselves and their campaigns from being subject to the Registry and its prohibitions. So they can call and text us all they want.
After all, why should they respect my right to not have my phone (a service that, I, pay for, out of my post-taxed dollars) be used for their campaign to join the ‘powerful’?

My carrier is Visible Wireless (MVNO for Verizon) and they do a fair job of catching spam texts on the way in and quarantining them for my later review. Recently, however, scammer/spammers have begun to use email-to-text services of the carriers in a further effort to disguise their origin, so reporting to the various agencies at times does not work because they are expecting a phone number.

I have found a way to dramatically cut down the number of spam messages: My voice mail greeting says “if ur an unknown caller, you’ll be blocked right away and without delay” - it’s working !

I don’t have any advice for making the scam texts stop, but I always forward the messages to 7726 to report it as SPAM.

Since I am retired and using an Android phone I just active Do Not Distrub and limit incoming calls and text to persons in my contact list.

I don’t get spam calls and rarely get a spam text.