SPAM Calls and Texts About Selling Your Property

I have noticed a large increase in the number of text messages and spam phone calls from people who supposedly are interested in your property. Even though many of them get blocked they obviously are continuing to change their number to another phony one.

What, if anything, have you tried to do to stop it?

I tell them to bring all offers to my named real estate agent.

Reply to the messages with a simple “No Thank You”. They are looking for leads to sell to real estate agents. If you tell them No they will move on. Otherwise they keep bugging you until they get an answer. Won’t eliminate them but it will help.

That’s not necessarily true. Replying to the email tells the person or company who sent it that it is valid. That opens you up for the possibility of your email address being sold to more places which will result in more SPAM. The same thing when replying to text messages.

Just hit the “erase and report junk” button.

The more you respond to the more of them you’ll get.

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Yeah, who knows what goes on. Offshore telemarketers have used the “do not call” registry as a list of who TO call.