Love my "spam" phone messages

97% of my landline phone calls are noted as “SPAM”

Wonderful, but how does my Xfinity landline know this?

The calls originate from Xfinity. Xfinity then labels them spam so you don’t answer them. You think Xfinity is providing great value by blocking spam calls, so you keep using their service, and even recommend them to friends. Xfinity profits. Follow the money, my friend!

Okay, but how do they know they are spam?

No, they come from people selling things or wanting money. Curious, I have answered a few.

They know they’re spam because they’re in on it. The ones you answer are transferred to real spam companies Xfinity routes the calls to.

Hmmmmm…Hard to understand. They make enormous profits on their wildly over priced services, so why get into a scam?

So you won’t cancel their overpriced services. You think that other companies won’t be able to identify spam calls as well, so you don’t switch to something else. The scam is why they can wildly over-price their services.

Okay, but I don’t get it. I pay for TV and Internet [too much, BTW] , and landline is just a small included aspect. If they did not offer the landline, I would not switch anyway.

Xfinity is all about profits, and I don’t see a profit motive in a phone cam. But then, I’m usually an optimist.

How many people actually pay Commie Cast for a so-called land line? It’s gotta be VoIP, provisioned on top of internet service, using their supplied adaptor that you pay for. And of course costing $$$ more than if you went and got your own analog telephone adaptor and plugged it in. That’s what I do. Paying xfinity for more than the basic connection is just not happening here.

Here is a great explanation: How Do Phones Identify Potential Spam Calls?

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