HBO movie: Telemarketers

If I ever hated telemarketers, I hate them even more now.
One guy said about them, “Telemarketing provides jobs for people who are otherwise unemployable.”

They keep 90% of the proceeds, no matter what they are selling.

Are you talking about the fundraiser telemarketers? I’ve heard that police benevolent associations, etc. employ them and yes, the telemarketers keep most of the money.

Look up charity navigator or the paddock post to see how much the charity spends on fundraising.

Wonder how much Kars For Kids spends on ads, lol. Worst radio ad ever.


Found this ( plenty of other results similar):

Telemarketer for Firefighters Charity Keeps 75% of Donations | Charity Ratings | Donating Tips | Best Charities | CharityWatch

If you get a charity drive phone call, maybe best to ask obviously what is the charity and tell the caller you will mail them a check directly instead of using a middle man.


Maybe there is one, but I can’t think of a worse way to choose a charity to support than selecting one that hires telemarketers to call people on the phone.

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If you watch that doc [which I DON’T recommend! It’s very disturbing to see what goes on inside a telemarketer’s world] but it also explains the incredible amount of money they make. And how much police and fire dept’s benefit.

Like it or not – and I don’t – those agencies benefit enormously.

Don’t worry. I don’t have the time or patience to sit through movies of any kind very often.

That’s what I pay taxes for! The state wastes a lot of money, but the tax collectors take far less than 75%.

I fully agree…! But as noted, telemarketers are successful, no matter how much they are despised.

Are many people who receive telemarketers getting the calls on a landline? We ditched our landline over a decade ago. If we get an unknown call or spoofed local town ID call, we do not answer. I only answer if I recognize the caller.

We lived in the country a few years and the power was “iffy”. Power outages all the time, but the landline still worked. Wife was happy because we could call in an emergency.

However, that changed here because our landline no longer has an old fashioned wire to the handset. No, that wire goes to the table module which is 110 V powered and goes out in power outages.

That’s why we kept it. Habit.

Easy solution to the tabletop module. Get a UPS at somewhere like Costco. Take the module power plug and TV, maybe modem and computer and plug them into the BATTERY BACKUP side. I also have an LED lamp on that side. Then when the power fails to the house, I still have power for hours with the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply). The non-battery-backup side just protects against spike and so on. That side is still useful but no power duing an outage.

Why the LED bulb? Well during an outage, if the Internet and TV are off because of something like a cable outage, I can still read a book. Books are the precursor to those glowing tablets and subscriptions to Amazon :slight_smile:

I also use a UPS to power my on-demand propane water heater. It needs power for the relay and igniter. If there is a power failure with an on-demand propane unit and you are in th shower, the water would turn instantly cold. I can avoid that. You may have heard “Dancing In The Dark”, but I can shower in the dark!

Thanks, We lived on a houseboat in the Cal Delta for three years and had two UPS’s for minimal power. Having to crank up the aux power or engines to charge the reg battery took too long and wasted fuel.

Wrong. I watched part of E2 and REALLY hate them now.

They did make one point:
telemarketing provides a job for people who are un-employable