Disputing Wellstar Healthcare Bill

Our PCP billed us for two charges that we are disputing. I’ve called the office and left several messages for the office manager since Feb and she has not returned my calls. I finally called the billing department today and initiated a formal dispute. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Are these charges for care that wasn’t received? If not, do you have insurance and did the practice submit to your insurance? If they did submit are these charges that were denied by your insurance? Helpful answers will depend on the details.

Hi Niki54, these charges were billed to my insurance company, and I noticed them on my eob. The issue I have is I’ve left multiple calls to the PCP office manager, and she has not returned my calls. I’ve also left message with other office employees (PCP nurse and front-end manager) and still no calls. A simple explanation will clear up this matter if I could speak with her. FYI - the calls to the office began first of February.

This doesn’t help you with your problem…it’s just a story similar to yours.

I had a problem once with my daughter’s oral surgeon submitting the wrong codes for 2 services she received. I tried to get them to correct the errors and get a refund by calling, leaving messages, sending letters, and showing up at the office in person. I was ignored for months. WTH? After about 6 months, we went to the dentist who referred us to the oral surgeon and she asked how things went. Badly, was my answer, and I was still trying to get them to correct the errors and give us back our money. Next day I got a call, all apologetic, we’ll fix this right away. So I got the refund, finally. They never did correct one of the codes and never got paid for it either by the insurance or us.

Experiences like this make me think that people who work in healthcare are either incompetent or too busy to do things correctly. Not a good feeling to have now that I’m older and likely to be going to doctors & dentists more often. OTOH, the people at the health insurance company are excellent, every one I’ve talked to in the 20 years we’ve been with them.