Verizon Email for new price increase

After being a Verizon customer for over 20 years, just received an email saying they are going to increase my bill by $12 a month. It appears they hate their customers, but no surprise there. They want to charge us for unlimited data. This way our bill goes up. This $12 a month is in addition to the Biden tax of $1.49 a month per line for inflation. Called agent and she said she was surprised by letter and talked about the $1.49 per line charge. She did say they are sending out loyalty letters but I guess 20 years does not count at Verizon.

I heard that if you change plans you then loose upgrades for new phones you may be entitled to. But this is Verizon. Again they hate there long term customers.

I pay $200 cash for unlocked Motorola / Lenovo phones, pay $15 per month for Mint Mobile and I don’t worry about it

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Page Plus uses Verizon as their carrier. They have plans that start less than $15/month.

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On TracFone on the VZ network we pay $ 270.00 per year for two line which equals $ 11.25 per month per line.

Customer service is probably the worst in the industry.

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That’s a ringing endorsement!

First… welcome! I learn a lot from the problems posted here, so thanks!

Second… loyalty doesn’t work any more, especially with insurance and cel phone companies, sorry to say, learned the hard way. My mother told me, better shop around.

Third… GOOD news! Lots of cellular providers run on Verizon! Lots of deals!

My personal experience. I had Xfinity Cable and internet (yeah paid way too much but a choice) when I lived in SF Bay Area. They introduced Xfinity Wireless around 2018, runs off Verizon, 40 bucks per line with 1 gig data, more gigs pretty reasonable, I think 13 bucks or so.
We never go over by more than 1 gig… unlimited available but have not needed it. Can change data plan on the fly.

The Great news for me… moved to the country 2020, no Xfinity available….
Xfinity still allows us our mobile! No price increase, over 4 years now.

So in effect I still have Verizon… but soooo much cheaper!

To clarify I now have cable/internet through !! Volcano net!! Firmly rooted in the 20th century and not related to my cel service in any way. Smile. I love dealing with a company named volcano and not even in Hawaii…

Call Xfinity and see if they can save you $

Have to reply to myself…

Other posters here have told you about providers using Verizon that are as low as $15 per month. Mine is much more at 40 per line, so maybe not such a deal, depends on data included in the plan.

I may be throwing away a nice steak dinner on cel charges every month! Cannot tell because I have never had to call customer service.

The other thing is… everyone posting here just buys a phone. We don’t get upgrades. Upgrade prices are built into your monthly payment. Save the difference and pay cash for the phone.

My iPhone is from 2018 when Xfinity could not accept my Verizon 2006 iPhone.

TracFone was purchased by Verizon in late 2021. I’ve had success using the online chat feature, but the phone service is not good.

We have two lines and two phones and pay about the same for ours. TracFone did give my wife a new phone earlier this year when non-LTE service went away.

I prefer to provide my own unlocked phones.

Mint Mobile service is top notch, I message them through Twitter, they respond fast. They use T-Mobile network.

My wife uses her phone so infrequently that as long as she can make calls, she’s happy.

Wow we seem to be all over the map. I was a prepaid customer for years. With my new place I have Commie Cast (Xfinity) cable service which I insist they get everything “TV” off of, so it’s only internet service. They kept plugging phone service, so I moved from Cricket a year and a half ago I think.

The thing was, they really really wanted me to buy a phone and pay by the month to get the $15/mo plan providing 1 gigabyte and all the voice text you want. Of course they also demanded my socialist number and expected to run credit. I bought my own iPhoneSE (2020 version) and convinced them to let me on and it has been steady. Only the cable jumped up to $49. Commie Cast cell phone runs on Verizon and seems a bit better then AT&T/Cricket.

I talked to executive customer service at Verizon. But the guy was worse than normal customer service. Did not care that I planned on changing nor even interested in keeping me as a customer. We have to wait for son to get out of working to make a change. Looking at earnings reports Verizon has been loosing customers. ATT has been hit with customers that do not pay their bills. Soon it will be goodbye to Verizon.