Using Insurance at Walmart Vision

I just left Walmart Vision Center. I was trying on eyeglasses frames at Walmart — they have some cute ones. Found a frame for $88. My vision policy covers $150. An employee just told me that even though the policy covers $150– Walmart corporate has directed employees to tell customers that they can only bill the provider for $55 (for any frame). She didn’t even ask which VSP. She just said max billable to VSPs for frames is $55. Please someone explain this!!!

I am surprised that Walmart is on VSP’s list.
My experience was that VSP was only good at the very highest priced Opticians. My employer offered VSP. I considered it worthless. I could do much netter at Costco or other non Drs Office Optical Centers. It is not what you expected but unless you are a Costco member sounds Ok to me.

My Medicare Advantage Plan offered a $500 credit toward glasses. I called both of the Participating Opticians. One did not carry the Progressive Trivex/Polycarbonate lens (light weight shatterproof) that my Doc specified… the other was $648 (lens only) plus $29 for using my frame.

Called Costco…same specs… $151 + $25 for using my frame.
BTW, I have been getting my glasses from Costco for years.

Let me add. I take a large frame. I like the Nose Bridge.
I got them from Costco… but Costco discontinued them so I bought them on line… for less than $100. I was disappointed that they charged the $25 as it was not my fault Costco discontinued them.

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I guess I will check what it will cost online and at Costco. I can’t get a local roofer to do the PID measurements unless I’m purchasing the glasses from them. I tried the app but it wouldn’t take my measurements. I’m so done with Walmart… I’ve had bad service all the way around.

My experience with VSP is that a wide variety of optical shops accept it: both independent and large chain optical shops, including Walmart, Target, Costco, and used to include Sears.

With quite a strong prescription, I’ve discovered that the thinnest lenses are usually not covered at a set cost, but at a percentage off. And the price that the percentage is off of varies dramatically.