Cheap Eyeglass frames for existing lenses

Where can one get cheap frames for existing lenses from a broken frame?

Costco couldn’t help.

I think you need a better Costco. Specifically a more experienced optician.

Couple of weeks ago I took in two pairs. One pair so old they are photo grey. That is before the Costco “no glass” declaration. Well my optician walked over and brought back a pair and said he thought they might work. Sure enough thank you!

The other pair was much newer, and in frames with Kirkland Signature part number. Oops out of stock, no more. Check around and yes we can get. Couple days later and they were in. Excellent service.

If you succeed, please come back and tell your story…

Do you know the Make and Model number of your frame?
If so you could order it on line.
I bet most Opticians could give you the info.

As I posted in another string… Costco discontinued the frames I like. I bought them on line for maybe about $20 less than Costco.

For example, I googled Stetson 178, you get several low price options.

It should not be too hard.
Years ago, we were on vacation in a small town in Colorado.
Wife sat on her glasses. Frames broke, but not the Lens.
I do not recall the price but the Optician there had no problem finding a Frame in stock that fit her lens.

Any model number is no longer visible.