Hearing aids online

Good day:

I am looking to upgrade my hearing aids, which I bought at Costco - which has just great service and I recommend highly. However, Costco does not carry “cros” hearing aids which sends sounds from around the worst ear to the better ear.

When i looked around, they are much cheaper online rather then at the local university hospital with much more favorable trial terms. The one I looked at was “Yes Hearing” but I have reservations about buying such a product online.

Has anyone ever bought them online and have any thoughts re: if they would recommend a particular site or how to evaluate a site.

Thank you

Online options were limited 6 years ago when obtained inexpensive hearing aids from ihearmedical. I was not satisfied and then purchased expensive hearing aids through an audiologist. Clark has mentioned a site that has reviewed online hearing aids and I believe that the site was the National Council on Aging. Consumer Reports recent review was limited to retail outlets.

thank you - ill see if I can find that.

any other experiences would be welcome, including if anyone has switched to “Cros” hearing aids from regular.