Cigna and Hearing Aids

Cigna requires that you use Amplifon. However we have an out of network coverage. But to avoid paying for the hearing aids, they want to say Costco is in-network and that conveniently it’s Costco that must order them thru Amplifon rather than covering it as an out of network benefit. Costco indicates in writing they don’t participate with insurance carriers

What are my options? Costco was the least expensive option as the out of pocket max is $1,500

Thanks so much! Would filing a complaint with the state insurance commission be futile or is Cigna acting in bad faith? I just feel so nicked and dimed

Medicare Advantage plans are regulated by the Feds. I have had some success by calling Medicare about a similar issue. After the fact, I realized that I was wrong and shouldn’t have been paid but UHC just wanted to make me go away. Good luck!

No, it’s an employer plan where the employer subsidizes 83% of the cost. There is a $1,500 out of pocket maximum for hearing aids. Cigna is misrepresenting that Costco and/or the doctor are in network in the attempt to say that we must use their exclusive provider for this region. However since we have a PPO/OAP, there’s supposed to be no restriction on using an out of network provider

In that case you should go to HR for help. That’s what they get the big bucks for