Where Is Your Favorite Place To Buy Eyeglasses?

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Zenni Optical.

I can’t remember when I started using Zenni Optical but I know it was over 10 years ago. I get metal frames with high index and anti reflective lens. I don’t look for fashion. I estimate that the cost of Zenni glasses is around 20 percent of the doctor’s office price. The only downside for me is that I have to adjust the fit of the frames myself.

I have had one problem. I ordered glasses for my wife that had to be returned to be remade. Customer service pushed back at first and said that the glasses were not ordered correctly even before they saw them. After I returned them, Zenni remade the glasses correctly. I will be using Zenni for my next pair of glasses.

Eyebuydirect is my favorite. Zenni is in China and I prefer to buy American.

Been with Zennie for years with no problems.

I have been very happy with Zenni glasses and love the frames I have. In fact I have over the last few years ended up with a bunch of Zenni frames as my prescription and needs changed. Now after eye surgery my vision has improved, albeit with the need for progressives.

Does anyone even come close to Zenni’s price (that includes the frame too) for replacing just the lenses in these frames? From what I can see, I can buy two new Zenni frames (and lenses) for the price of what Lensabl or EyeglassX cost to just replace the lenses.

I just ordered, for the first time, 2 progressive glasses from Zenni. Both the same frame size. Not completely satisfied. One is fine. The other one came with the " arms" spread out so far that they sit 1 inch away from my head, like a V. I sent pictures of the 2 pairs to zenni customer service, showing how wide the arms of one are spread out. They informed me that they are made correctly. … That I should have ordered a smaller frame…and instructions about returning them for either 50% money back OR store credit. I wrote back again, stating these 2 frames are the same size!..that the problem is with the arms being so spread out… that to bend them closer together may be to break this very thin arm frame. Its like Charlie Browns fat head were wearing them, and now they are all stretched out!
Their 2nd reply was sorry, that I need to get a smaller frame, ( that I got a frame size too large). This was more of a cookie cutter answer.
Trying to choose between 50% money back, or take a chance on other frames…not satisfied.

Unfortunately that’s what can happen when you order items like glasses, shoes, clothing online. Personally I like to try before I buy even if the cost is slightly higher.

Thanks. So true! My first time buying glasses this way. There was a long line at Sams club optical…but i will revisit them at a better hour. Have been satisfied with them in the past. I need a sturdy frame, being active.
The frames from Zenni feel thin and flimsy…but ok, get what I pay for. Guess that’s what makes them so light on my face. At least I can make one my 2nd spare pair, and at a great price. The progressive lenses themselves are good.
I may return the one glasses for store credit and try another frame.

I have been buying from Zenni for many years. Only one pair has been returned for remake at 100 % credit.
I’ve always had fantastic service. Actually have a spare order for progressive computer glasses in transit as I write this.

I think successful buying online probably depends on the strength and/or complexity of the prescription. I might consider it for a backup pair, but never for my primary pair of glasses…and I wear my rigid gas permeable contact lenses 12 to 14 hours of the day; sometime more.

I’ve had great success with Zenni, with one exception. I read the drop down menu wrong, and clicked -1.5 and should have been +1.5. Surprisingly, Zenni gave me full credit on the return and sent the proper one.

Costco is probably best overall, though I have used Zenni and more lately eyebuydirect. At least two, I think, that were OK. One for late wife and one for late mother.

Note that if you need bifocals, it is a potential problem. You need to know PD, and eye doctor typically does not measure or specify; optician does it. If you ask eye doctor, he will lecture you about mail order spectacles. We’re trying a pair for new bride, from EBD, without exact measurement. Not expecting much as they will be in some unknown location just like the other 47 pairs of drug store readers floating around here.