Uber or Lyft around town--opinions?

My physical problems to get worse, so family wants me to add a Tracfone app for Uber or Lyft for those “just in case” situations. I’ve never used either.


It’s a great option for getting around. Everything is done through the app. No cash needed. Just make sure you tip. You can rate the driver and the driver can rate you. If you don’t tip you will get a poor rating and drivers will avoid picking you up. Tipping is also done through the app. Just hit the percentage you want to tip.

I’ve only used Uber and never Lyft but they are essentially the same and a lot of drivers drive for both.

I have used both Lyft and Uber. (Read previous posts)
Both have gotten lost. Uber insisted his map showed him this was the destination, in a very shady area and very wrong location
We tried uberring 90 year old mom and they tried dropping off in the wrong address.
Flaws with either company is there is no one to call if you are a driver or customer.
See if you have senior services in your area

That has been my #1 issue with both

775 348-0477 is the number for the RTC Access Bus that will pick you up at your door and take you to the door of where you need to go. You have to complete an application which your doctor has to complete also, and submit it for approval.
All the instructions will be included.
Each destination is a $3 ticket. You can buy paper tickets in books of 10 or you can purchase 10 at a time for $30 on your smart phone, and just show a new one for each of your trips. Download the app called Ticket Token. The rides are for people who are physically or mentally unable to take the regular city buses.
RTC can answer all of your questions.
I have also used Uber quite a bit and have had very good luck with them. They arrive to pick you up in about five minutes or less, and you receive a four-digit code to give the driver when you enter the car, along with your name, so you know you have the right car, and you know their name in advance on your phone app, as well as their car license plate number, model, make and color. You can specify whether you’re in a wheelchair or need other arrangements so they send the appropriate type of vehicle to handle your needs

My first choice is Lyft. Seems to be less expensive, and I earn Delta Frequent Flyer miles. I have both Lyft and Uber apps. on my phone and will use the less expensive and most convenient option. Once you download the apps., it’s easy to book a ride.

If affordability is key, I’d look into any budding Uber ‘clones’ or alternative rideshare companies in your locality. They’ll often have ultra-generous deals to get you locked in.