From Budapest Airport to Budapest Center City

We are traveling to Budapest this week. We are trying to figure out the best way to get from the airport to our hotel downtown. We arrive late afternoon.

Apparently, there is tourist office at the airport -is that something they would help with.

As older travelers, we don’t want too much hassle. Are the taxis waiting at the airport trustworthy? Rick Steves indicated that, in general, best to call a taxi as opposed to finding one on the street. Does that apply to the airport?
Rick also indicated there there are buses nearby the airport going downtown.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you

We were just in Bari, Italy, and were struggling with finding a taxi to get to the airport the following morning from our AirBnB. We stopped in the tourist office and they called and arranged a taxi for us. I can’t speak for the tourist office in Budapest, but I would assume they would have phone numbers for reputable taxi services and may even help arrange it for you.

Another thing we’ve done is go to Google maps and enter your starting and ending destinations. It will show bus routes, trains, and other options for getting to where you want to go. Often we use that just to see how complicated it is to get to where we’re going. If it’s too complicated and we’re in a new city, we just get a cab until we figure out the local transportation system.

Good luck and have fun.

Thank you for your comments

Are the taxis waiting at the airport trustworthy?

We are also older travelers and have been using airport taxis since our younger days. Prior to departure, I download google map for the city we are travelling to. At the airport I enter our accomodation’s address on google maps, mute my phone and then monitor the taxi driver’s route.

Taxis at the airport are usually reliable, just make sure you pick a licensed company from the taxi ranks outside the terminal. Rick Steves suggests calling a taxi, but you should be good at the airport if you’re choosing a licensed one. There are also buses you can take if you’re on a budget, but navigating them may be a bit tougher.

We just got back and took the 100E bus which was simple and brought us within a few blocks of our hotel. The hotel quoted 56 euro’s and the bus was about 5 or 6 euro’s

When we flew out of Prague at the end of the trip, we used Uber and it was about 18 euro give or take.