Info for trip to Belize

So, I am trying to plan a trip to Belize in the near future (probably Oct 2022). So far I have figured out airfare (Delta flys direct from ATL) and accommodations (AirBnB). Plan on staying probably about 10 days. I had a few questions about other parts of it:

  • I probably would like to rent a car, but not sure. I thought I remember car rentals are MUCH more flexible and don’t require payment until picking up. Is it possible to make reservations with no up front cost with 2+ companies in hopes of at least one getting it right and have something available? Then cancel the other with no penalties.

  • I have an iPhone 13 (w/ AT&T) and I am reading how you can simply get a SIM card when there and use it that way. I guess I could also contact AT&T about adding this country for a temp period of time. I want to also maybe use it for the Google Maps in order to get around to attractions. Any suggestions?

  • I am certified in Scuba diving so plan to do this activity, but would like to do some other interesting activities. Very flexible for this. I know the web can help with this, but any other advice on things to do here and/or where to visit?

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