Bermuda in April

I am looking at going to Bermuda in April. I’ve been going over their tourism site, airlines, etc. Since I’m not familiar with Bermuda, I was thinking a Travel Agent may be a good bet to get what I want. Any suggestions? Or any recommendations of places to stay in Bermuda?

I’ve not been to Bermuda but traveled extensively in the South Pacific. I’ve always had the best luck and the best rates calling directly to the places I wanted to stay.

It’s been my experience that most travel agents will book you with the places they know best and give them the highest commissions. Many agents have never personally vist the places the book you into.

Try the govt tourist bureau and the Internet.

That’s the hard part with international adventure travel. Depending on where I travel will depend on how I want to stay. Avoiding tourists, in most places, would be awesome. Definitely would prefer a travel agent who knew American ex pats as well as locating local food choices not imported food. Of course not getting kidnapped and hopefully avoiding getting too sick would be good

If I’m going to Alaska, I want to do a lot of hiking. I don’t want to do much shopping.

If I’m going to Costa Rica, I may want to stay in a hostel or national park. Im 40 so I don’t know if staying in a hostel is a good idea. I would also like to be in areas of US expats

If im going to Mexico, I’d like to see the culture. I may want to see the pyramids but I’d rather avoid touristy areas and know which areas to avoid. Id like to figure out the heritage of my boys. I don’t want the all inclusive resort as that is a sanitized view

If im going to Iceland I want to see the volcanoes. Maybe visit a couple of tourist areas. Definitely want fish and go to gas station markets. Definitely learn to drive a stick shift

If I go to Israel, I want to see the historic sites. If I can afford it, I’d like to do a tour especially in Jerusalem. If I’m in Telaviv I’d like to know what’s safe and what areas to avoid

If I go to St Lucia, I want to have an international learners permit and learn to drive on narrow roads. I want to stay in a villa not an all inclusive resort which probably means not having public transportation

If I go to Italy, I don’t want to stick to Rome or Venice maybe going to Sicily or in contrast NW Italy

If I go to France, I want to spend more time with castles and less time in Paris probably going to Lourdes and Normandy where my heritage is from back to the late 1300s definitely medieval towns

In Canada, I definitely want to see Ontario and visit Quebec. Definitely would like to see where my maternal French heritage migrated to from Normandy

If I go to the UK, I want to see Scotland and Ireland instead of London. Definitely want to see history

Mixing with the locals and learning about the culture has provided my wife and me the most rewarding international travel experiences. The more we learn about those differences the more we appreciate how fundamentally alike we all are.

Adults are pretty good at masking their real feelings. But in all the places we’ve visited, the kids are pretty much alike. I think there’s a version of the games jacks and hopscotch in every locale we’ve seen.

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I’m with you there! I’ve been to Scotland several times and now have dear friends in the Orkney Isles! Would have never met them had I just went to London or Edinburgh!
One thing a travel agent told me in the early 90s, that I practice to this day is wherever I go, I go visit a local grocery store or shop! You learn so much about the folks from what they buy! Plus, find you some new goodies to try and enjoy!

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