Luxury busses needed....sick of airports

we have a small airport, and it is all day to get to my target town in NC when i fly. It is 750 miles of travel. I would like to know if there are any bus lines other than greyhound (which does not service town i need). Or does greyhound have a contact person to arrange trips, in case i am missing something on their sparse web page.

try type in your departure and destination towns and it will show your drive, bus, train and fly options with prices and connections.

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Hi Lisa, Nice Find.

When I saw this post last night I wondered…

As Kids we frequently took a Trailways Bus from Baltimore to Ocean City Md… with a stop in Queenstown MD I wondered about that.
A Google search talked about flying to Salisbury MD or …
taking a train… not specific how that worked … Salisbury again???

With your link, I see Greyhound runs this route but with 5 stops… takes an hour longer than driving… but acceptable.

Anyway … Nice Find!!!

As for Luxury Busses… that is a Horse of a Different Color.
Say what you want about Greyhound… it sure ain’t Luxury

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Thanks, but I don’t get the credit, sven100 [?] from the old board does, and I’m just passing it along. Fun to use and dream…

Is “luxury bus” an oxymoron?

You are right. I have taken luxury buses in Chile and Argentina. Some even served meals. It was a no-hassle experience compared to flying. Wish they had an equivalent here.


What NC town?

I consider luxury travel to be a lay-flat bed in a private compartment with off-the-menu meals. Trains and planes are much smoother than any bus I’ve been on.

I’ve ridden on those buses in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Asia but was too engaged in watching the locals trying to avoid being run down by the speeding lurching bus to enjoy the experience.

Nothing like this in NC?

Riding them in densely populated areas is one thing, riding them in the sparsely populated pampas of Argentina is quite another.

yes, if someone can cover other than the east coast there are many would be travelers who would pay good money for sitting in a nice reclining bus seat to see their loved ones, or just to visit a city of their choice. I like when it is easy to plan. I am surprised that it has not hit mid america!


If you can get to Spartanburg SC with Amtrak, Greyhound goes to Asheville from there. Of course, if you can get to an Amtrak station at your beginning point, Greyhound may be there already. I don’t know.

a friend just took greyhound, and street people are using it now, and sleep on the bus. not sure how they pay. restrooms are not in clean conditions.
If an outfit wanted to make money just charge more, and provide big city to big city luxury bus, perhaps with a mini bus to take you to your smaller city.
Flying or hover cars/buses, underground vacuum tubes, would be an interesting future concept for mass travel.