Food Delivery - DoorDash UberEats etc

Which do you use: DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates.

Well we looked at the options for Delivery.
When we order from a local BBQ restaurant for pick up, we generally get a Rack of Ribs, and Quarts of Potato Salad and Green Beans. Wife likes to make her own Cole Slaw.

Only Door Dash gave us what we wanted. The others either did not support that restaurant OR would not let us order the way we wanted… like you could get a Rib Plate with 2 sides.

Since we get 2 or 3 meals out of a Rack of ribs… the plates did not work. Thank You DoorDash!

As usual the Ribs were Excellent with a Sweet Sauce!!!

No offense, PricePerformer, but check out this short video from Clark Howard:

I agree with Clark. However…

  1. I called the Restaurant to see if they delivered… They do not.
  2. We only do delivery with this BBQ restaurant mentioned above
  • It is located in a congested area especially around Dinner Time
  • I am retired and try to avoid driving at night and rush hour.

it seems that Uber, DoorDash and Amazon came along just in time for us.

We lived conservatively our whole life… now we can afford to pay for Service.

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