Door Dash charge

We have an excellent BBQ Restaurant, which at Dinner time is in a congested area. The Restaurant does not deliver.

We usually order a rack of ribs. Wife prefers to do some of the sides.
Of the various delivery folks all but Doordash only offer Plated meals with 2 sides.

Doordash allows ordering a Rack of ribs and if we want sides by the pint or quart. We like that.

Anyway, my CC Bill showed 2 Doordash charges… one from Panda Express (PE) and the other from the BBQ. We did not order from PE ever. Interesting the PE was about a week earlier than the BBQ. If it were the same day or subsequent, it would be more explainable.

I contested with the CC. Weeks later I got a picture of the order sitting at a Front Door but not our Front Door… and it is obvious.
I wrote on the picture not our door and faxed back.

CC says they are revisiting the issue with DD.
Probably another several weeks??

It is only $30… how far should I go?
Since then we have ordered again from the BBQ … but braved the congestion and picked it up.

DD seems tough to deal with. If it was a phony dispute, I would have disputed the BBQ one… more than twice the PE charge.

Keep trying to get your money back. Blast them on Facebook, etc. Contact the BBB. It’s the principle and your money.