DoorDash saves Credit Card Info

In a Previous post, I talked about a DoorDash Charge that I disputed. They sent a picture of the Delivery “Not My house” but too much of a closeup to recognize the house.

Well I got another DoorDash Charge that I did not recognize from another Restaurant we do not use. This time I decided to ask my kids if they remembered anything about this.

Well when the Family was over, we had decided to order DoorDash from a Restaurant that I use. So my kid is far better on DoorDash ordering than I, so I gave him my Credit Card and told him to order for us.

Well somehow my CC got attached to his DD Account as the default CC and resulted in 2 charges I did not recognize. It took him some investigation to see what had happened and it is fixed.

I wonder how often this happens?
What can DD do to make it clear that the Default CC is being changed.