Digital Wallet... so many questions?

So do you use a Digital Wallet? Which One?

Where do you use the DW? Where does it not work?
For example, I see it working at Fast Food but not at a sit down table service Restaurants. How about the Drivethru?

Seems you still need to carry the Physical CC.

Any comments or war stories?

BTW, in Mexico, they brought the CC device to the table… have not seen that here. Are we headed that way?

I have no desire to use one. If someones nekkid pictures on their phone ends up on the internet because someone hacked the phone…what’s stopping them from getting my credit card information?

Yes I use Google Wallet and loaded all of my credit cards into it, plus my reward and membership cards. I would say the payment feature works in about 50% of the places I go…

The fine restaurants are moving toward bringing the terminal to your table.

When we were in Europe last fall, I would it worked in 95% of the places and all of the sit down restaurants bring the terminal to your table.


Looks like he thinks there are three benefits:

  1. Won’t get covid.
  2. It’s more secure.
  3. It’s more convenient.

On security, credit card companies are pretty good about fraud protection already. I’ve never had a monetary loss due to fraud in my entire life.

On convenience, I actually find a physical card that works everywhere a lot easier than loading an app that may or may not work (and if it doesn’t, getting out the card anyway). To each his own, I suppose.

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The Covid reason is kinda lame, but it is definitely a more secure transaction.

If you setup a digital wallet correctly, there is no loading of an app. You can just tap the phone and you have a default card setup for processing NFC transactions. I cant speak for iPhones but this is how it works for Android…

I have installed a number of credit cards and membership cards into my cellphone wallet. I also have my car insurance card there and my COVID immunization record. When drivers licenses in my state are allowed to be put in, I will add that too.

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