Debit card PIN saved me a hassle

Drove to gas station, used DC, entered PIN and got gas. I had a long list of “to-does” and focused on them. Drove to grocery store and reached for my DC. Not in my pocket. After a few minutes of searching, returned to gas station and my DC was still in the slot. WHEW…!

Got home and received four alerts from bank. One was mine, and three were warning alerts that my DC was rejected due to wrong PIN.

They were barely a minute apart. So somebody saw my DC in the slot and tried three times to charge gas. All failed.

Yes, I know this is an endless debate here, but had it been my CC, they would have charged their gas, and Lord knows how many other charges.

That’s why I NEVER carry a CC since the bank refuses to allow a PIN.

If you’d used tap-to-pay, you’d never have left your card in the slot. :rofl:


Safety wise, that is the most dangerous feature of a CC/DC. Anyone can use it.

I still haven’t figured out how it’s any different than swiping a card that doesn’t require a PIN. Except that you can’t leave your card in the slot.

That is my primary issue: banks won’t disable the tap feature or allow a PIN.

My search on this never ending topic claims bank don’t want PIN’s because impatient users might prefer another card with tap. Which does not explain why DC’s can have PINs.

Security from high to low:

  1. cards that require a PIN.
  2. cards that don’t.

I just don’t see how swiping, tapping, or typing the number into a web site makes any bit of difference. The security is in the requirement that something be produced that isn’t built into the card.

You keep saying that tap is insecure, but whenever I ask you to explain why, you just go back to the PIN. PIN and tapping are entirely separate issues.


Not having a PIN seems to be my own personal pet peeve, so I’ll try to not mention it again.

I’ll take that to mean that there is no logical explanation of why tapping is any less secure than swiping or other means of reading a card. If you don’t want to sound like a nut job when you talk to your bank, drop the tapping issue but keep bugging them about requiring a PIN. I suspect they are more likely to eventually allow you to require a PIN than they are to remove the tap feature, because the PIN has the potential to save them money.

My OP was about DC’s using PINs, but not with CC’s. With all due respect, you brought tapping and swiping into the thread, which is not my issue. I don’t like the tap feature but that’s a separate issue

Wanting more CC security makes me a nut job?

The station needs to software update or replace the pump. Like a modern ATM you should not have been able to continue the transaction, i.e. pump gas until the card was removed. That pump may not conform to their financial institution’s rules. Hence they could be held liable for losses.

Exactly right. But it was still my fault. I gotta pay more attention.

Of course not. But complaining about tap-to-pay being a security risk makes you look like one, when it’s the lack of PIN that you really care about.

Yes! How many times must I say this? I complain about the tap feature only because you brought it up.

You brought it up here the other day, then ran back to the PIN issue when I asked you to explain how tapping is worse than other options. The only logical conclusion is that your disdain for tapping is irrational.

Nut job and irrational??? I regret starting the thread.

Seems a little melodramatic.

So’s being described as irrational and a nut job.

In a reply to Billinin above I admitted it was my fault. Okay?

Go back and read it again. I never described you that way.

Tap-to-pay is probably the most secure because there is a one-time transaction code generated between the phone and the receiver.

Thank you for providing me with this valuable information. It’s incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated.