KGO-TV: "Safeway 'Tap to Pay' charges Bay Area woman's credit card while it's still in her purse"

I have requested B/A provide an option for users to opt out of the tap feature. But learned NO bank provides this service.


two and one-half centimeters is inch

a few millimeters should be the maximum distance.

How does it choose the card?

I have about 5 CCs in my wallet.
I select different ones for Gas, Restaurants, etc!

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Tap to pay is safer than swiping. It uses a one time code. Swiping reads the actual card number. This issue is such a rare corner case. Probably more common for women who keep their cards in a purse which they move around and set down on things.

I wonder if a wallet with RFID protection prevents this from happening?

Not sure they work, but just in case, my CC’s are in between blocking cards.

I found RFID blocking CC wallets that can’t be read unless the card is completely outside the slot.

Mine is Leather and less than $5 online.