Are credit cards with a to use a gas pumps?

The magnetic stripe card data could be easily harvested by a thief’s skimmer. Are chip cards any more secure at fuel pumps? At my local station they now use chip readers.

I keep a separate credit card only for gas station use, because of fraud risk, I’m wondering if I can discontinue that practice.

In the event that your credit card is compromised at a gas pump or other wise you will incur an inconvience involved with the reporting the issue.

Otherwise it’s the credit card companies loss.

I use my debit card and have never had a problem.

I always check to see that the security seal on the pump is intact.

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Using the chip reader is much safer than using the magnetic stripe reader. Chip reader can’t be spoofed. I wouldn’t hesitate to use a chip reader with any card at a pump.

If the chip reader was broken or wasn’t working I would go somewhere else. It could have been disabled in order to force people to use a skimmer magnetic stripe reader.