Single Card Option. How would this work?

I saw an article that we would soon only have a single card to carry with us and that we would use that credit card to select which account we wanted to use to pay for an item or service. The article did not go into too many specifics. Does anyone have any idea how this would actually work? I like the idea of not having to carry multiple cards in my wallet, but I am confused.

Hey JPW - are you referring to the announcement that Visa made last week?

If so, it seems like that technology will make it possible for you to link a single Visa card to multiple credit or debit card accounts.

I haven’t seen specifics on how that would work at the point of sale, but it seems to me that it could function similarly to how a digital wallet (Apple Pay, G Pay, etc.) allows you to store multiple payment options and then select one via your phone during the tap to pay process.