Lyft versus Uber

Lyft rideshare no longer has my business.
Our group intentionally rented a place close to a cruise terminal and used rideshares to get to the terminal. Uber rides were about $8.00 and took 10 minutes… Our Lyft driver got lost relying on his mandated Lyft GPS and took 40 minutes. We were charged much much higher. Thru complaints on their “complaints” pull down menu, I received $6 back.
The driver was great. He was very unhappy with Lyft GPS and their platform and threaten to not work the Lyft gig. I tipped $1. He deserved much more, but not from me.
Lyft is in the business of transporting people.
Lyft intentionally makes it impossible to talk to someone for help. Maybe, if enough of their drivers would complain about Lyft, they will quit and Lyft management will get the message.
I hope my message gets through.

Some companies must intentionally use crappy mapping apps. In September we used a taxi service to come get us at an AirBnB but the taxi could not find us. I could easily find our AirBnB on Google maps with no problem, but they could not. They were several miles away when they called. I asked if he knew where the local train station was and he said yes. We decided to meet there instead of at the AirBnB. A ten minute walk for us.

Looking up the rules for using Google maps, it seems these companies can use them free of charge if they follow the rules which didn’t seem like a big deal in my quick perusal.

Ive never had any issues with either ride-share service…and that includes foreign countries.

I pull up both apps and see which one is cheaper.