Uber & Lyft get lost. How much to pay?

Last fall, Lyft took 45 minutes for a 10 min. trip to a ship terminal in FL. Ended in a neighborhood. I asked “see a ship?” Fustrated driver complained of Lyft’s map software and apologized. I tipped $1.
Last week, Uber insisted he arrived at my destination, per his map. Dropping me off 3 miles from the verified downtown Dallas destination. His drop off was not even close. He was insistent I rebook to correct this issue. I had to direct driver to the correct drop-off, his map wouldn’t allow.
Driver said there is no method he can contact his Uber company, just like a customer can’t.
Since drivers are contract labor, not employee (operating as a lone business), is a small tip appropriate?
Comment #2- one driver told us that he doesn’t own his car, but rents it from another party to hail rides. My thought was Lyft and Uber is a service that allows individuals to earn money using their own car.

I do ride share including during overseas travel. To try to avoid incorrect destinations, I first use google maps (at times waze) to check the destination address before using the ride share app and make sure they correlate. Others may comment on your tip question.

Driver must have looked through his past trips and yours stuck out because it was only a dollar tip? So he went back to you to try and extract a larger tip? Months later?

He obviously didn’t know where he was going. He should have had some idea where a large cruise ship terminal is. Sounds like a rookie driver. You gave him a dollar tip. Seems appropriate.

Delete his messages and move on.

Different driver, Different part of country and different ride share company.
Cruise ship driver seemed he knew where ship was but adamant he had to follow Lyft driving directions to get to it.

But they are in business of destination delivery. I am not when in a unfamiliar place.