Scammer used my Uber Account

Got a call last night from CC Fraud Dept.
Wife hung up… thought it was a nonsense call.
I checked my email… it was there too.
Verified the Number to call… that checked and the Email address of the sender looked right…

After a wait for the fraud folks, and failing one of their questions, getting a rep I did not understand, I called again and got a Rep with a brain who spoke clear unaccented English. He was great.

It seems someone had charged my card with 4 Uber rides each for 99.99. They asked if they were mine. I have not used Uber in several months. They took it off and changed the card number.

QUESTIONS: How does someone take 4 Uber rides in a row, each for exactly $99.99? Are charges of less than $100 easier to get through, I guess unless you have 4 Uber rides for 99.99.

Can you add $$$ to an Uber account?
Seems like a dumb crook… this is easy to spot.

Any ideas???

BTW, I use this card almost exclusively on-line… however it is the card attached to my Uber Account!!
What was he trying to accomplish.

I totally get your frustration, but insulting people with accents as being brainless is not warranted here. It makes you sound like an ignorant racist.
And a person with no accent doesn’t guarantee that they are a smart person.
You could have made your point without the insults.

There are many intelligent people with accents. Most Americans can’t be bothered to learn, much less work in, a second language. I admire people who work at jobs not in their first language, or in a strange country where people are not kind to them.
Customer service people, wherever they are located, are often constrained by what they can do, whether by lack of training or by limits of their employer. ( I hope you don’t yell at the poor restaurant and retail workers…)

Maybe get mad at the company that off-shored the jobs and doesn’t train workers properly.
You complain about their communication skills, yet don’t look at your own.

Having said that, I hope your fraud issue gets resolved.


All I can say is that too many times I have called with what I call a “non Vanilla Question” and we failed to communicate… a big waste of time.

IMHO, after 2 failed calls, This was not a Vanilla Situation… it required an explanation both ways?
I do not do well with heavy accents.
When the last guy said hello… i knew we were going to understand each other.

Sorry I offended you with the brain comment… what I meant was someone I could communicate with.
That gets tougher every day.

But if it’s not big enough for anyone to go after him for $399.96 (which seems likely), maybe he’s kinda smart after all.

Albert Einstein probably spoke with an accent.

If i were a detective on the case I would not rule out the possibility that the suspect is associated with Uber and got a commission of some sort on the 4 rides.

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Can you setup alerts on your credit card for Card Not Present transactions ? You would have caught the very first transaction. I have these setup on my credit cards, plus any international purchases, plus any transactions over $75.

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I would have had trouble communicating with Albert Einstein on several levels… My loss!!

When I am in a foreign country, I do not EXPECT people to understand me, and my experience in London, England (as compared with the rest of England) is that they absolutely don’t understand my Texan accent. But in the United States, I’ve dealt with obviously extremely intelligent physicians from other countries whose accents wete so strong they were unintelligible.

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It’s an interesting situation. You should contact uber customer service. Once I had similar situation with my card and I contacted green dot corporation customer service to solve this problem. I have card from green dot corporation and one day I couldn’t pay with it because there was no money. Somehow they were transferred to another account. Luckily, their customer service solve this confusion but it was really weird.

Be a little more tolerant. I speak daily, with a lot of good ole Americans who immigrated here and still have heavy accents that are practically impossible to understand, especially on the phone. It’s frustrating but definitely doesn’t reflect on their intelligence.