Are you being asked to tip at more places recently?

What are you doing about it? Tell us about your experiences and thoughts here!

I seldom used carry out before the Pandemic, so is tipping Carry out new.

The Chinese has a tip screen on the Credit Card Terminal.
They have the usual 15, 18, 20 and “Custom”…
I generally hit Custom and left a buck.
I noticed they added a sign… For “No Tip” hit Custom and Zero.
I wonder if they had some complaints.

At another restaurant “No Tip” was offered as an Option.

I think in most cases, it’s just standard software, and that’s why it seems to be popping up in odd places.

I started tipping for carryout during the pandemic shutdown, but normally i don’t.

I was at a concert at Chastain and to get a beer, my tipping choices were 22%, 24%, and 26%! There had to be a no tip option but I couldn’t find it and how long do you want to stand there?

I am over being asked to tip when someone is handing me a drink or I stand in line to order my food and get no table service. It’s just employers shoving more costs to consumers. Just say no.


Many terminal suppliers and all credit card processors ask what type of business it is, because they keep track of chargeback rates and so on. I can imagine any retail location which offers services would have a tip option listed. A local farm to me offers tours and they have a tip button. Whether it is a tip and/or a way for people to give a rating on Yelp helps the business and employees.

I once worked in a service station and would often receive tips for work, even though I told them I was paid well for my job and a tip was not necessary. (in the late 1960’s, that tip for working on a vehicle was $100!) So some people want to reward good service even if not asked for. I see no issue with having a tip option. almost anywhere.

I’m okay leaving a small tip for carry out or counter service but 22%, 24% and 26% being your only choices is ridiculous. Especially if you had to stand in line for a while waiting for an overpriced beer.

I always carry some dollar bills with me. There are places where I pay cash and may not get change enough to tip. Cash also helps when you prefer to charge something but don’t want to dilute the tip by 2.9% or whatever it costs to accept a credit card payment.

Yes, now they are getting tricky and the highest tip choice 25% is on the left since that is where most people think to point to first.

at 22%, i stand there, IN THE WAY, until my consumer needs are met. i can ask in a loud voice if someone wants to be arrested for FRAUD, wire or otherwise. we consumers have been sheep too long.
stop accepting it.

Tips suggested by the card readers

I tip generously. Usually ~20%, rounded up. At times more; less only for not good service. On the way home from bell choir tonight i stopped for a late dinner. The restaurant has a special after 8pm of $25 for a bottle of wine and a board of 4 bruschettas; normal price for the board is $16, and the wine varies, but is typical restaurant upcharge. When I paid, the card reader 20% generated tip was over $11! Apparently, it did not take the special into account.

Is it normal to tip on full price vs specials like this? I will say that there are some specials (free meals on veteran’s day, for example) where i do tip on the regular price (and i tip about 25%), but that seems different from a regular special. For example, would you tip on full price for happy hour pricing?

i stopped going out to eat because the back of house machinations and covid tipping math got too
much to deal with. " i go. i enjoy. i pay." it seems like a demonic maypole and kabuki economics had a
beautiful love child, and forgot about the diner and THEIR experience. like the famous character travis
mcgee said long ago, ‘no one is looking over your shoulder, no one is grading your paper, baby.’ trust yourself. if u let it slide, so be it, if you say, ‘not today’, so be it. be good with your choices and decisions.
ultimately, you are the adult in the room.

TipFlation…Is tipping out of control?

Are you tipping more?
How do you feel about tipping before receiving Service.

Are you more likely to tip Before service at an upscale Burger Joint than at a Wendy’s/McDonalds

With Inflation Prices is it also necessary to also inflate the Tip RATE or is the same rate on an inflated price OK?

I still tip local restaurants at 20% that I started doing during the government induced economic shutdown for the pandemic. For pickup orders, its a 10% tip for local restaurants and small local chains.

We eat primarily at local restaurants and I happily support them and their staff.

I’m more likely to avoid a place once I see that they ask you to pay at the counter when ordering and still put the option to tip on the receipt or screen.

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Lots of places that weren’t asking for tips before now are in part due to the electronic payment systems that make it easy to ask for a tip. I tip when warranted, otherwise I don’t. You really have to watch the bill now, too, as “service” charges are showing up in many places. Some of the servers will mention it’s on there, others haven’t. I’m not a fan of automatic service charges since they’re getting the tip regardless of service quality. A local restaurant we went to recently added an automatic 3% to the bill that would go to cooks and other back restaurant workers. That’s fine, but I included that in my tip calculation.

We go out less than we used to due to both inflation and tip-flation. In general, it’s just getting to where it’s not worth it for us.

But, to answer the original question, I think the requests for tips is out of control.

On another note regarding the addition of charges for using a credit card, one local place added 3% for using credit. I told them I was paying in cash but the server said they couldn’t take the charge off. Haven’t been back.

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I am wondering if the tips paid via the pay pad actually go to the worker(s) involved with your particular meal that time you visit the eatery. Heard of many unscrupulous restaurant owners that skimmed all the tips. One place used to pay some barely legal minimum wage and keep the tips. I think it was called the Peddler restaurant. It was a chain down south? I think Jimmy Johns sandwich shop did similar things even including have a non-compete requirement of employees who quit/got fired? Imagine being sued for looking for another sub sandwich job at a competitor?

Ha ha ha! A noncompete for Jimmy Johns employees wouldn’t be enforceable.

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The coffee shop I’ve been going to for 30 years doesn’t allow tips using credit or debit cards…only cash or coin.

Jimmy John’s drops non-compete clauses following settlement (

“The agreements had barred departing employees from taking jobs with competitors of Jimmy John’s for two years after leaving the company and from working within two miles of a Jimmy John’s store that made more than 10 percent of its revenue from sandwiches.”

Yep, totally unconscionable for minimum-wage employees. The lawyer who wrote that agreement should be disbarred.

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