The FCC just quadrupled the download speed

All they will do is come up with another name for their marketing of the product, like Wideband, The Full Monty., what about Pipeline?
In marketing, two words used to be all you needed to rebrand, “New” and “Improved”.

In foodstuff just just tout New Packaging. You THINK you are getting something “New” and “Improved” but it is just new packaging and smaller or less per box.

Liquid laundry detergent says “Twice the cleaning power!”. They remove 1/2 the water and bump the price up.

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Yes Comcast just uped me. Now I wonder how much they will up the cost to cover this free upgrade!

The FCC definition affects government funds available to “broadband” internet providers, so it is more than just marketing.

I currently pay for 200mbps upload and download speeds and frequently see that. However, when streaming TV on a big screen TV in the evening those speeds drop dramatically. I’ve seen speeds as low as 25mbps during the prime hours. How, if at all, does this FCC ruling affect that?