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Reddit banned a sub like this a few years ago:

Shoplifting1 (

There is a problem nationally with criminal mind DGAF about playing by the rules now. I think people in general are acting more desperate in action because they don’t care and know no one will hold them accountable.

Wow, a ‘how-to’ guide to shoplifting. Rather appalling.

I think that attitude goes beyond shoplifters – the wealthy and politicians do illegal things because they know that the justice system will not hold them accountable.
Just sayin’

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Never seen someone so obsessed with the wealthy.

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Accountability is lost in this country. People now just walk out of stores with carts full of stuff and the pathetic DAs don’t seem to care. There is a common element…

but those who always criminalize the non-wealthy are just fine ?
How many wealthy people end up in prison?
It’s just that shoplifting is more visible, and this country judges the poorer/middle class more harshly than the wealthy.

Look at the case in SC - Murtaugh – how many years did he get away with scamming people because of his name/position? This will likely finally catch up with him, as it should.
But many rich people get off, or get a deal (Epstein’s sweetheart deal in FL).

We don’t always see the damage that the wealthy do. But sociopathy is not limited to the lower classes. Holding them accountable has been very limited.

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??? Seriously???


It’s a pretty well-known fact that the rich and powerful people who can wield job-threatening tools for retribution often get away with illegal stuff because the law enforcement folks treat them differently.

The difference isn’t necessarily out of favoritism, it’s more often because millions of dollars can buy a defensive strategy so effective that the prosecuting team has to have an absolutely slam-dunk case before they proceed. Their cases usually go all the way to the top of the DA’s office before an indictment is filed.

On the other hand, the case of the homeless person who commits a felony and has to rely on a public defender rarely gets reviewed past the first-line attys in the DA’s office.

That difference in procedure results in a higher standard of prosecutorial action between the two defendants.