Endorsements of Questionable Products by "respected folks"?

Does your opinion of Respected Commentators lessen when they endorse Questionable products?

I mainly listen to Conservatives, though I am sure this happens on both sides.


  • Car Shield,
  • Overpriced Health Products that contain readily available ingredients…e. g. Tumeric
  • Gold
  • etc.

Does anyone believe these folks need or even have Car Shield?
They say they do.

I wonder what Clark thinks of these?

Tom Selleck, Jimmie Walker, etc.

Some need the money. Others see a quick $100k for 15 minutes work

I wouldn’t trust them. Hollywood and talk radio is full of charalatans and narcissism.

I think I fell for a local radio endorsement for a product/service provider. Time will tell if I made a wise purchase or got hosed by trusting radio personalities.

Over the decades I have seen many well-known people stoop to dubious endorsements. This is usually the same time they would appear on “The Love Boat”. Remember that show, where old actors went to die.

Yes, it is true that some really need the money and there is often a reason why.

Just yesterday I watched the documentary on Adam West (who played TV’s Batman). Although he was in dozens of shows and movies, he was typecast as Batman for the rest of his life.

JJ Walker will always be known for his TV appearances on Good Times.

George Reeves for Superman. Most people never realize that he also had a part in the American Epic Gone With The Wind.

So although I understand the reasons, I do feel sorry for them. Also, I don’t buy those items as they are often questionable.

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I’ll bet you can’t think of an example more egregious than Suze Orman endorsing new car leases a few years ago. It didn’t hurt my opinion of her, however. I already thought she was an idiot.


It’s the same with celebrity endorsements. Why do some voters believe movie star’s political recommendations?

I’ve always been puzzled by the phenomena of celebrity worship. It is a strange thing to observe. Why would I take the word of an actor or a sports star that a particular product or service is worth my investment of time and/or money?

I think it’s driven by what Kahneman calls the “Halo Effect.” That is, finding that an individual is good at something you admire will lead you to accept that the person is also good at other, unrelated things as well. Like evaluating the worth and value of a thing you, yourself, don’t have knowledge of.

Heh, yes, I’ll vote for him / her because of what my fave movie star said.

I remember that…baffling for a so-called financial expert.

lol, Suze Orman.

I will see a Yahoo link for her latest proclamation every now and then and immediately go to the comments section to read the comedy. Imagine if Clark donned a Jim Cramer persona?

It always makes me laugh/feel bad when I turn on my TV and see Chicago White Sox legend Frank Thomas shilling relentlessly for that Nugenix supplement.

I understand the man’s trying to make money just like anybody else, but there’s gotta be a whole army of people who see The Big Hurt and think “oh that’s the guy from the low testosterone ads” instead of “oh that’s one of the greatest MLB hitters to ever live” and that’s sort of a bummer.

I understand most of them that probably need money, but Tom Selleck hasn’t been out of work I’m forty years.

Rush Limbaugh flogged phony crap for decades to clueless listeners. Unfortunately, my brother was one of them, and he never soured on the fraud or Limbaugh.

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Selleck might not be out of a job… but his old ‘residence’ Robin’s Nest is no more. No, Obama didn’t buy it.

Robins Next Demolished

Limbaugh was hawking Snapple early on - he was right on that. I like Snapple.

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I tasted Snapple once, on a dare, that alone would have put me permanently off Limbaugh. :smiley: Not even Limbaugh Loving Bro would have bought that stuff. I admire your courage. :mask:

I don’t care about celebrity endorsements. They’re paid reps.

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It sold in March 2015 for $8.7 million.

Add the demolition costs to that.

Wonder what it would go for now.

What about endorsements of questionable products by “non-respected folks”?

I have a MyYahoo news feed about Technology and Electronics. All I see is stories and links to products which are affiliate links, meaning the author gets paid for the endorsement.

On Social Media they call themselves “Influencers” which really means “Salesman”. Many young people gripe about commercials yet listen to influencers.

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I remember many years ago, probably in the late 1970s or early 1980s, seeing an add with Andy Griffith promoting leasing your home phone from the phone company. I remember his explanation seeming to not make any sense at all, but I am sure that some people thought that if Andy Taylor said it was OK it must be OK.

Go to the Better Business Bureau website (www dot bbb dot org) and search for Car Shield.