There's GOLD in them thar hills!

Is anyone else surprised at the number of Gold Dealers.
“Buy Gold” is everywhere!!!

Seems everyone from Entertainers to Politicians are endorsing Gold Dealers. I even saw an add featuring Mike Huckabee hawking gold. Are there any limits.

We have discussed gold here before. Most have not been pro buying gold. The cost of buying, selling and holding gold seem to void any potential gain.

I have been wrong before, but I am sticking with an Index 500 fund.

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As a 5-10% part of a well-diversified investment portfolio it’s not a bad idea. As a large chunk of a retirement plan it’s probably gonna be a bad idea.


Good choice:

I hear those commercials on the radio all the time now to buy gold.
When the market is up, I don’t recall hearing those commercials.
I will stick with the S&P500 until I’m dead.

Word of warning. Not sure if all advertisers are equal but…During my dads declining years, he fell for that “invest in gold” trick and once those “gold” companies got his address he was bombarded with “deals”. He bought coins, bullion, “golden” items, mint, proof sets, you name it. He spent every dime they had falling for the “smart investment” lines and now my mom is sitting with piles of this stuff. I’m afraid its mostly worthless although some might be authentic. Where do you get rid of “gold” (or “goldEN”) coins, etc?? Is there taxes on the sale of such or not if it turns into a capital loss?

It is easy to buy gold… not so easy to sell it…
especially for the true value!

I just saw Judge Napolitano pitching Lear Capital so I googled LC. BB shows Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2022! and has so many complaints for bait and switches among other things, especially preying on elders (ah hem). I’m sad these scammers can still exist and why oh why seemingly respectable people tout them.

Maybe you have mis-judged the judge… :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe the issue needs futher fact checking… :thinking:

What needs fact checking?

The judge…just google [Judge Napolitano]

And if you’re really interested in getting unvarnished facts, try googling it with a Google search page from a user who has never used a Google account.

The scams are not just limited to gold. Look at all the celebrity, financial and political clowns that endorsed FTX!!! The mother of all fraudulent schemes…

And you have the famous Actors or Sports Stars sporting the reverse mortgages. Steve Garvey doing a reverse mortgage commercial telling us his parents got one. Why on earth would his parents need one with all the money Garvey has made.

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