Should I have gold in my portfolio right now?

I think this was an excellent article from Team Clark.

Interesting thing is, he used to suggest it was ok to have 10% of your holdings in gold. Now he’s suggesting 3-5%. Personally, I think the 10% is still OK.

He also favors ETFs / ETNs which track gold. I own those, but I also own physical gold in secure offsite storage. Maybe do half physical, half ETF / ETN?

All in all, a solid article, thanks Team.

Physical copper and nickel coins too. I like them because you can always get the face value back at any time. Take up room but as an emergency fund account, they have value.

In a SHTF scenario, real metal will be how seashells and beaver pelts were traded. Bullets and food and medicine are also needed.

As a hedge for long term, how has gold done versus stocks, bonds, real estate, etc? I like silver too as it is affordable but the price growth of it has been less stellar the past 14 years.

Over the past 20 years, gold and the SPY ETF are about the same. And they are not correlated at all. I am always concerned about buying at the top. Many people advise newbies on this and other forums, “Buy VTI, buy SPY, buy QQQ, buy VOO” etc. That smacks of recency bias, and a powerfully seductive 13+ year recency bias at that. I can guarantee you VTI, SPY, QQQ won’t be leaders over the next 13 years. It’s mathematically impossible Trees do not grow to the sky! I want to buy low and sell high, not buy high and sell low (after I get discouraged).

The only thing I regret about gold is having too many gold mining stocks, but I’m not selling at a near-term bottom. But I have an exit price in mind, and when I get there, I will sell.

Just my opinion but $1675 gold price is a dip to buy. I’m fully invested however.

The “inflation hedge,” thing doesn’t appear to be working this time around… :nerd_face:

During the Y2K scare ages ago, most believed the best SHTF trading goods would be, water, booze, tobacco.