Anybody taking money off the table. Market just melts up like Frank Sinatra narrating the ant and the rubber tree

This market has high hopes. I just am not trusting it.

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My sentiment also, therefore my stock allocation is pretty light and diverse - not just Magnificent Seven. Too much volatility makes me unhappy. Plus fixed income is decent these days.

You only have to be right twice to win big: when to get out and when to get back in.

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Aren’t all three of you talking about playing the market based on timing?

Is acting on those impulses a good thing?

My belief is the market will do good this year. However, bad times are coming next year. We have taken in too many migrants. These migrants are not paying taxes. Billions to Ukraine and now war in Israel, not to mention sour relations with China. Billions in loan forgiveness (not for past graduates or future college students or veterans etc). This threw good money after bad. Our economy will not sustain this massive spending of money we don’t have.

That was my point, but maybe I was too subtle.

In talking about what is an appropriate asset allocation given my goals, current assets, time horizon, risk tolerance and particular needs. That’s all. I choose to have a low equity exposure based on all that.

Yolo into QQQ isn’t for everyone.

Rebalancing your portfolio is a good thing to do.

Yep. Sold a good bit late December into January and will dollar cost average in lightly. Not so sure we will see another 20+% return like 2023 even if it is an election year.

Not thinking so but I’m in 91% stocks.


I’m noticing on Reddit the crowd is really chasing the S&P500. Lots of new investors on the Fidelity and Schwab subreddits ask for advice and it’s almost always “just buy S&P500 and chill”. This is feeling really, really “toppy” to me, from a sentiment point of view. You mention diversification in the threads at all, and you get downvoted into oblivion.

And bonds… you mention bonds and everyone says, “But bonds have been horrible the last few years! You’re an idiot!”

Right… the price of a bond is inverse to the yield. They are now better (lower) prices, and the yields are more normal.

But retail always want to buy high, sell low, don’t they?

I rebalance frequently and cling to my policy allocation. I have enough to retire in two years out to age 95 to a 95% level of confidence per the various Monte Carlo retirement tools. Chasing the market… not for me. I’m too close to the finish line.

Dot-Com Déjà Vu: Top Stocks Dominate Market, Echoing Past Bubble By Quiver Quantitative (

And this — oh my – bubbles are burstng on the profitless unicorns

"Five years ago, 23andme was one of the hottest startups in the world. Millions of people were spitting into its test tubes to learn about their ancestry. Oprah had named its kit one of her favorite things; Lizzo dressed up as one for Halloween; Eddie Murphy name-checked the company on “Saturday Night Live.” 23andMe in 2021 and its valuation briefly topped $6 billion. Forbes anointed Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe’s chief executive and a Silicon Valley celebrity, as the “newest self-made billionaire.”

Now Wojcicki’s self-made billions have vanished. 23andMe’s valuation has crashed 98% from its peak and Nasdaq has threatened to delist its sub-$1 stock. Wojcicki reduced staff by a quarter last year through three rounds of layoffs and a subsidiary sale. The company has never made a profit and is burning cash so quickly it could run out by 2025." WSJ

I will just keep doing what I have been for the past 40 years.

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RSI is decreasing on broad market. I might buy on the dip.

In this inflation arena, the market is more not less attractive. I do think there will be a war affecting two countries in Africa and three to six in the Middle East all along the Red Sea as Yemen has sided with Iran

It’s a major trade hurdle so war is likely imminent

It was a one time purchase only. Once they saturated the curious and interested buyers, it was not sustainable.

I found some interesting relatives, and uploaded the DNA code to a med program. Gen— something.

Found a flawed cene that does not allow my body to absorb a certain nutient. Sure enough, my blood tests show the same thing,

[I bought the product but did not invest in the comany]

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So if 23andMe goes bankrupt…that could be kinda scary depending on who buys the company and their assets…

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Elon Musk is going to buy it

Wonder if he will overpay?