50/50 allocation

Adding money into market with a 50% VTI and 50% BND allocation. I am tempted to weigh more towards bonds as interest rates climb but there is no guarantee like with stocks whether the real value return of bonds will outpace inflation. I guess stocks matched the inflation of the 70’s but real returns were marginal if that at all.

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I’m no expert, but I think that is opposite conventional wisdom advice. I think conventional wisdom is not to invest in bonds right now and if you absolutely feel you must to do so by buying a specific bond that you plan to hold to maturity, not a fund. The resale value of bonds are going to drop as coupon rates rise. It also depends I guess on when, why, and how you plan to access this money.

maybe it’s just me but my bond funds haven’t done well this year either

yeah, BND is down a lot. I am thinking that adding to it over the years upcoming will be buying into the higher interest yielding bond components in that time frame. I have much of my fixed income holdings in brokerage treasury bills and some I-bonds.

Everything is down except the US Dollar. Stocks, bonds, gold, commodities. It’s all suck this year.