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Nov 20, 2022 - David thinks TIPS are worth considering at this moment. I Bonds vs. TIPS: Right now, it’s clearly ‘advantage TIPS’

I read the article, for parking cash to deal with just-in-case stuff over the next 10 years I would give the edge to I-bonds.

Reason: backward-looking interest rates.

I need a mix. I am WAY overweight I-Bonds

My mix for that kind of thing is mostly human-interface savings accounts and I-bonds.

I like the idea of driving to a place to either do a drive-thru or inside human teller. I have a lesser amount in a few on-line checking, savings and CU share accounts. I’ll probably shoot for a $100K or so of I-bonds.

5% of my portfolio is I-Bonds, I wouldn’t mind 10%, but I’m going to slow down the pace. Life is too short to make $5000 excess tax payments, Form 8888, get the paper bonds, manifest, mail in the paper bonds… I’ll be happy with my $10,000